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Special Events - We can provide exceptional accomodations and services for your honeymoon, reception, dinner party (up to 25), and other special events.
Princesa Cinco and Bleu Suite have a door between them so they can be joined together for a luxury experience with family and friends - lots of friends , as you have the combination of three bedrooms, plus room for extra sleeping, three bathrooms, two kitchens, and two spacious terraces.

At any time you might see special cactus flowers bloom, cruise ships and other interesting ocean traffic.

If live music would add the special quality you want for your event, we would like to introduce our friend Yvon Pepin, quitarist and singer. Yvon can be scheduled using the contact form below. resume repertoire

Rates for both Condos:
$400.00 USD per night (minimum three nights), $2,500 week, $3,300 two weeks, $4,500 month
Special for full year rental:
$3,500 per month, includes all utilities, cable TV and internet

Please use the contact form for availability and booking.